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360 camera house tour
  • While we can’t travel during the coronavirus pandemic, technology helps us to visit different places from our home ranging from museums to aquariums and zoos; therefore, although we’re keeping our distance from one another, we can take online virtual tours to see public spaces.

  • Real estate industry is no different than all the other industries being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Sales and listings have slowed dramatically these days because of COVID-19.

    Realtors, agents and real estate brokerages are desperately trying to find new ways to sell their properties to new buyers, but the question remains how?


  • Imagine walking into a location for the first time. You have to look closer to see the rooms and the objects better. Now imagine doing all that on the screen of any device you have. This is where virtual tours come into play. These days, this technology can be of significant use, especially because of the coronavirus outbreak, and the fact that everyone needs to stay home.