Why Include a Walkthrough Video Tour?

Walkthrough video tours are a great form of video marketing that can help you attract the right buyer.

Including a walkthrough video tour to your house or property listing improves the position on search engines. More people are likely to check out your listing if it has a walkthrough which leads to a faster selling period.

A virtual tour allows someone to view the listing when they don’t live in the area which means a larger audience and more potential buyers can be reached.

Virtual tours add a fun way for people to interact with your audience from a distance. These Walkthrough video tours aren’t just for property listings, they can be used to display several kinds of locations.

•    Museums
•    Zoos/Aquariums
•    Rentals
•    Hotels
These are among the locations that can utilize having a 3D walkthrough video tour and bring more guests to their pages. 
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Walk-Through Video Tour

Do you want to stand above the other listings on the search engine pages and build trust with your viewers?

Matterport 360 can solve your problem by incorporating a walkthrough video tour which provides your viewers with an in-depth view of the property. A rising trend for listings with many benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on.

What is a 3D Walkthrough Video Tour?


A 3D walkthrough video tour is a virtual walkthrough that allows people to tour an area with the use of a computer or smart device.

A walkthrough video tour lets people see all the rooms of a house or property.

With Matterport 360, you get a virtual tour that reveals all the ins and outs of your property with high-quality video.

People can take their time walking through your listing from the comfort of their own homes.

Our tools are the best in the business, and we have hundreds of hours of experience proving the amazing walkthroughs.

The video tour is designed to allow viewers to enter and exit all the rooms as well as see a 360 view that they can zoom in and out of.

This allows the viewer to see the entirety of a property, where photos can miss areas as they emphasize the best portions.

The viewer can also change to the dollhouse view to see a top-down model of the property so that they can see an overview of the floorplan.

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