Why Real Estate Virtual Tours are Beneficial?

Benefits of Virtual Tours in Real Estate Listings

Do you want to be at the forefront with your real estate listings? Real estate virtual tours are a great way to take a step above the competition and get your listings in the spotlight. Real estate is a competitive industry and doesn’t get any easier on the internet.
There are hundreds of listings going online a day, so you want the best tools to aid you. It would be foolish not to take advantage of such a feature. Having a virtual tour offers several benefits that don’t just help you, but helps prospects and buyers, as well.

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What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a way for potential buyers to view a real estate listing from their computer or phone. These tours allow viewers to go through each room of the house and see the entire room. The floor, the ceiling, and all the walls can be seen with a real estate 360 tour.
Virtual tours work on most devices and are user-friendly so that everyone can benefit. A virtual tour shouldn't be confused with a virtual walkthrough, which is more of a recorded video of someone walking through the house. With a virtual tour, people can move back and forth to different rooms and view those rooms from 360 degrees.
Matterport virtual tours look great to help showcase your listing the way that it should. We work with the best equipment to give the greatest possible virtual tours for any type of real estate listing. There are lots of features to help potential buyers get the best experience such as a tool for measuring any part of the room or matter tags for better interaction.

Benefits of Commercial Virtual Tours


In today’s busy society, everybody wants things to be more convenient. Real estate virtual tours are a method of convenience as they allow people to see the home without having to leave the comfort of their home. These tours give viewers the chance to look at the property more thoroughly than photos.
When people search for real estate listings, they only have a limited amount of time to go to so many properties, but having a virtual tour of your listing allows more people to view the listing while fitting conveniently in their timeframe.
Since the virtual tours are always readily available, a viewer can observe the tour as many times as they'd like at any time of the day. If someone lives far away from the real estate listing, they can easily view the property through a virtual tour.

Realistic Experience

You want to give every person that views the listing a realistic experience. A Matterport 3D virtual tour offers your viewers this experience allowing potential buyers to investigate every room of the house in detail. 
Real estate photography gives viewers only specific glimpses or one angle of a room, but with a virtual tour, they can get a better idea of the location. In a world turning more virtual, it’s important to make the virtual experience as realistic as possible. These tours are interactive which captures more of the potential buyers’ attention.

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By offering your listing visitors a virtual tour, you increase your credibility. A 3D virtual tour shows that you're not trying to hide anything about the property. Where photos could be leaving out parts of a room that might not be favorable, a virtual tour doesn’t leave anything out.
Building trust with potential buyers is crucial to better website exposure and closing more deals. The more transparency that you have, the more trust can be built. Not only does it build credibility with potential clients, but it also looks better for your professionalism.

Better Search Engine Results

With a virtual tour, your listing will rank higher on Google search. The higher you rank in the search means more people will see and be interested in your listing, so this is an important aspect to keep in mind.
71% of website traffic is captured by the first results of search engine results. Studies have shown that real estate listings with virtual tours have 30-40% more website traffic because they're higher on the search engine results. It’s also been shown that listings with virtual tours have higher chances of receiving backlinks which help push the listing up the ranking.

Increased Website Traffic

To increase the traffic coming to your website or listing, one can put a virtual tour option which is a nice incentive for people to look through the listing. It’s more likely to grab the attention of viewers if a virtual tour is provided.
Having a virtual tour on your site allows you to reduce your bounce rate. The bounce rate is the number of people who leave a website after visiting only one website page. A virtual tour is a way to get more viewers to stay longer on your site or listing. 

Social Distancing

The current experience with the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us to social distancing. It’s forced us to innovate our technology to keep the flow of business going. At first, it seemed to slow even real estate down, but it has given way to the increasing trend of real estate on the internet.
A virtual tour saves people from the headache of social distancing and the ability to see the real estate without leaving the comfort of one’s home. We don’t know what the future holds, but virtual tours are a way to avoid any sort of capacity or distancing rules that we might encounter.

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Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

If you require a real estate virtual tour near you so that you can have these benefits, then Matterport360View will aid you to make a tour that is bound to draw attention and improve your real estate listings. Matterport 3D tours are delivered in a quick turnaround time and come with an abundance of other services that can help your sell your property listings. These 360 tours are bound to draw more attention and improve the performance of your real estate listings.