Benefits of Matterport 3D tours for commercial properties

We have gathered some key benefits for agents and property owners for any real estate type.

Benefits of doing a 3D tour for the properties under your management:

·        Virtual Accessibility

·        Time Efficiency

·        Enhanced Visualization

·        Reduced Foot Traffic

·        Better-Informed Decisions

·        Remote Collaboration

·        Competitive Advantage

·        Wider Reach

·        Historical Record

·        Adaptable for Different Sectors

·        Interactive Elements

·        Improved Marketing ROI



Creating a Matterport 3D tour for commercial properties offers several benefits for both property owners and potential tenants or buyers:


Virtual Accessibility: Matterport 3D tours allow viewers to explore a property from anywhere at any time. This accessibility is especially valuable for out-of-town or international buyers or tenants who may not be able to visit in person.


Time Efficiency: Prospective tenants or buyers can virtually "walk through" a property without physically visiting it. This saves time for both parties, as they can quickly narrow down their options and focus on properties that genuinely meet their needs.


Enhanced Visualization: 3D tours provide a more immersive experience than static photos or 2D floor plans. They give viewers a realistic sense of space, layout, and flow, helping them visualize how they can utilize the property.


Reduced Foot Traffic: With detailed virtual tours available, you can significantly reduce the number of physical property viewings. This minimizes disruptions to current tenants and lowers the risk of wear and tear on the property.



Better-Informed Decisions: Potential tenants or buyers can thoroughly inspect a property through a 3D tour, allowing them to make more informed decisions. They can assess the property's condition and suitability without relying solely on descriptions or photographs.


Remote Collaboration: 3D tours facilitate collaboration between decision-makers who may be located in different places. Real estate agents, buyers, tenants, and investors can discuss and analyze the property together in a virtual environment.


Competitive Advantage: Offering 3D tours sets your property listings apart from the competition. It demonstrates that you are using cutting-edge technology to market your properties, which can attract more attention from prospective tenants or buyers.


Wider Reach: 3D tours can be easily shared on various online platforms, including real estate websites, social media, and email marketing campaigns, reaching a broader audience.


Historical Record: Matterport 3D tours can serve as a valuable record of a property's condition at a specific point in time. This can be useful for property management, insurance claims, or tracking changes over the years.


Adaptable for Different Sectors: Matterport 3D tours are not limited to commercial real estate. They can be used for marketing residential properties, vacation rentals, event venues, museums, hotels, and more.


Interactive Elements: Some 3D tour platforms offer interactive features like clickable hotspots, embedded multimedia, and annotations, allowing you to highlight specific property features or provide additional information.


Improved Marketing ROI: While creating a 3D tour may require an initial investment, it can lead to faster property sales or leases, reducing carrying costs and ultimately delivering a higher return on investment (ROI).


In summary, Matterport 3D tours offer a dynamic and efficient way to market commercial properties, improving the experience for both property owners and potential tenants or buyers. They enable remote viewing, informed decision-making, and a competitive edge in the real estate market.