What Is a Virtual Tour and Why Is It Useful?

Imagine walking into a location for the first time. You have to look closer to see the rooms and the objects better. Now imagine doing all that on the screen of any device you have. This is where virtual tours come into play. These days, this technology can be of significant use, especially because of the coronavirus outbreak, and the fact that everyone needs to stay home.

With the expansion of photos and videos on the internet, virtual tours are growing in popularity.
A virtual tour is created from a sequence of images, videos or other elements such as music and narration which are associated with a specific location that makes people able to view an entire area without having to be physically present.

There are several methods and techniques available to create virtual tours. For example, a camera is utilized to take high quality 360 photos, and a video camera is used to film while moving continuously from one point to another throughout a particular location. Editing them needs hardware requirements and proficiency with special softwares; as a result, the task of creating these tours is often left to professionals. Matterport360View specializes in creating the best quality virtual tour, having served happy customers all over Southern California.

Who can benefit from a virtual tour?

Virtual tours benefit all types of businesses by marketing their services and products whether they are world-famous or small.

Nowadays, these tours are very popular in historic properties, museums, galleries, private schools, universities, real estate and hospitality industry.
For instance, hotels are offering online tours to provide their potential guests with a view of their property and its amenities.

A panoramic view can also help a company with a showroom to exhibit products 24/7; as a result of which customers can visit the showroom online and zoom in on any products they want.

In addition, 360 view virtual tours are of great use to construction companies that construct custom homes as they can provide their customers with a 360 view of a variety of house plans so they can see all the positive and negative points of each plan.

It is also of great importance to mention that real estate agents have come to believe that virtual tours for real estate can help potential buyers to see if the property that has caught their interest is right for them or not before paying a visit in person. This can save both the buyer and the agent’s time.

Virtual house and apartment tours are used to showcase the properties real estate agents have. People can have an accurate and realistic experience while checking out every corner of a house or an apartment with a few clicks. This technology can even enable a potential customer who lives in another city or country to visit a location without actually travelling and visiting it in person before deciding to buy it.

3D house tour Los Angeles

Why Should I have 360 Virtual Tours?

First of all, bringing new customers to your business is the main reason. It is also a way of accurately showing your business and property in visual images to the viewers, so that they know what your location really looks like.

    Do not confuse 360 tour with Google Street View. Google Street View shows the exterior of a location; however, a 360 tour allows you to get inside.

The interesting point is that Matterport360View offers Google Street View in addition to 360 virtual tour and other services such as dollhouse view, aerial view and 2D floor plan.

Another point to mention is that a virtual tour improves your SEO ranking as it is the engaging content that makes your potential clients stay longer in your website and it helps them to get a better idea of what you offer as a virtual tour company. Furthermore, virtual tours increase online sales and bookings by an average of 85%.

Now take a look at 10 brief reasons why a virtual tour can help you:

5 reasons why a virtual tour is all you need (Buyers)

•    Cutting costs
•    Being able to imagine oneself in a specific location
•    Investigating a business or a property without leaving your seat
•    Spending as much time as needed
•    Seeing more than a still image and being able to control it

5 reasons why you need a virtual tour (Businessmen)

•    Time saving for real estate agents
•    Improving SEO
•    Getting more Social Media Love
•    Stand Out from the Crowd
•    No Technical Skills Needed

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